Why it's a big deal to us

We were inspired to make a difference with our brand, as the fashion industry alone contributes roughly 10% of global carbon emissions! 

We focus on being a conscious clothing brand with each item that we make. From the item itself, to the offcuts, to the scraps and how we power the studio. Jam and Cheese is proudly a local South African slow fashion brand, which achieves minimal waste with our optimised patterns and cutting techniques, which is all cut from our sustainably sourced materials and powered by solar power! 

Our amazing material ranges that we have chosen to achieve our truly conscious clothing vision is listed below: 

  1. Recycled Fabric - This fabric is composed of 65% recycled plastic bottles (recycled polyester) and 35% cotton and is locally made.
  2. Ecovero Viscose - This is made from sustainably harvested wood, which is certified by FSC and PEFC. 
  3. Linen Blend - Our linen blend is made up of 16% linen and 84% Ecovero Viscose, which is 100% sustainable and sourced from Spain. 

For all the bigger material pieces, we cut these into pockets, sleeves, kiddies items, collars, labels and edging pieces. For any odd pieces that don’t fit any of these patterns - we turn them into scrunchies! But, there is always waste, even those tiny little piece that we simply cannot make into something gorgeous. So, we have teamed up with another local South African brand called Maud Creations who takes all of these pieces, and adds it as stuffing to her gorgeous creations! 

Every single choice that we make at Jam and Cheese, is to achieve a completely gorgeous fashion brand that makes you, and the Earth feel better with every piece that we create.