What if I'm unsure of my size?

We strongly believe that nobody fits into the box of a "standard size"- we are all gorgeously unique. Our sizing is generally forgiving as most of our designs are A-line and have a degree of elastication. Feel free to contact us to assist , or provide us with your specific measurements if you would like us to make up your order accordingly.

What if my order doesn't fit?

The most important thing to us is that you feel absolutely amazing every time you wear one of our garments. If upon trying on your order, something needs altering, pop us a message - we will happily alter your first order to fit you correctly at no extra cost to you. We will note these measurements/alterations for future orders for you.

Can I return my order and request a refund?

As a sustainable brand, it's important to us that what we create is actually worn. Email us to request a refund or return and we will happily arrange for collection of your order. Upon receipt of the garment, we will issue the refund or a voucher to use in future on our website Please note that Payfast and Payflex both take a small commission from transactions and therefore your receipt might be slightly less.

How does the recycled plastic fabric feel?

Our recycled plastic fabric is soft and comfortable with a slight level of stretch.

How do I wash my order?

Cold wash inside out. Hang dry.

What is your lead time?

Each item ordered is specifically made just for you. This generally takes 7-16 working days and thereafter we handover to our courier. If you need something urgently, pop us a message and we will prioritise it.

Shipping - how long will it take to get to me once my order is ready?

Shipping is generally 2-3 working days depending on the area you stay in.

Contact us for any other questions