Our story

"I started sewing at the age of 13 and I was immediately hooked! At this age I  dreamt of owning my own business. I spent many hours trying and testing all sorts of projects and patterns to further my skills in sewing over the years through making various matric farewell dresses, bridesmaid dresses for teachers, dance dresses for university teams and all sorts of other ad-hoc sewing jobs.

I have been fortunate to have a mother who has always encouraged me to be true to myself. And so, upon qualifying as a CA(SA), I decided it was time to finally full-time pursue my dream. This dream combined two of my passions - the environment and fashion.

The story behind the name:

My dad (Tertius van Huyssteen) made me a sandwich for school lunch every day. Most of the time it was a Jam and cheese toebie.

He and I had a very unusual and quirky relationship where it would normally only be the two of us laughing in the room.

My dad was an inspiring artist and in honour of his memory, Jam and cheese seemed like the most appropriate name to capture our unique sweet and savoury sense of humour and relationship that when combined was the perfect fit.

I hope to make him proud."- Kayleigh van Huyssteen (Jam and cheese founder)

The Jam and Cheese team is just as quirky as our unique brand. The team as a whole is passionate about a good fitting clothing, that flatters all our wonderful customers, and are constantly finding new and creative ways to improve and do our bit by being a completely sustainable brand at our core. 

Photographed is our full team: from left, Chanice, Kayleigh, Jorga and Gabby.