Size...this can be such a heavy loaded word for so many.

We believe that when you are comfortable, you are free to be you. And being 100% you is when you are at your best and most gorgeous. This is why we don't have your size displayed on the labels of the items you've ordered.

Size is just a number and does not define you.

Ladies Size Chart

XS: Sizes 4-6 Fit to bust: 81-84cm; Fit to hip: 90-93cm

S: Sizes 8-10 Fit to bust: 87-90cm; Fit to hip: 96-99cm

M: Sizes 12-14 Fit to bust: 95-100cm; Fit to hip: 104-109cm

L: Sizes 16-18 Fit to bust: 105-110cm; Fit to hip: 114-119cm

XL: Sizes 20-22 Fit to bust: 116-122cm; Fit to hip: 125-131cm

XXL: Sizes 24-26 Fit to bust: 128-134cm; Fit to hip: 137-143cm

XXXL: Sizes 28-30 Fit to bust: 140-145cm; Fit to hip: 155-160cm

XXXXL: Sizes 32-34 Fit to bust: 147-153m; Fit to hip: 161-167cm

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